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News | Oct. 24, 2023

Lyster conducts Safety Stand-Down Day

By Janice Erdlitz, Lyster Army Health Clinic

Lyster Army Health Clinic hosted a Safety Stand-Down Day on October 18. The Lyster staff, along with members of Brown Dental Clinic participated in the event which incorporated training scenarios to positively influence patient care and occupational safety. Through hands-on demonstrations, practical exercises, and targeted training objectives, the staff focused their efforts to strengthen their culture of safety.

The event kicked off with Lt. Col. Garrett Holt, clinic commander, welcoming staff to the day-long patient and occupational safety event. The Lyster Army Health Clinic Safety and Occupational Health Manager, Rob Pietras, provided the team with a safety brief and overview of the strategic objectives of the day to the 200 plus participants. Participants were broken down into teams to facilitate small group training scenarios. The teams explored patient and occupational safety topics using a variety of learning models. Teams participated in 16 mission-focused training topics focused on patient safety, occupational safety and off-duty safety. Some events included HIPAA P2 Sentinel Events, Customer Service, Risk Management, HAZCOM, Needle Stick Prevention, PTMS Codes, Patient Safety Reporting, and Hazard Identification.

Lt. Col. Garrett Holt, "This safety stand-down served to empower our commitment to a culture of safety. This event provided us an opportunity to partner with our Brown Dental Clinic family and emphasize both the safety of our patients and our staff. Our community expects to receive exceptional and safe patient care as a standard. This training bolstered our pledge in that regard, pushing us from complacency towards vigilance."

Safety stand-down events are conducted routinely across the service providing an opportunity to have hands-on learning, and team-building opportunities revolved around safety focus discussions. Due to the pandemic, Lyster had placed the annual event on pause. Staff were eager to see the event back, better than ever. The safety event provided fun, engaging, and thought-provoking training. The Chief of Quality Management and the Safety and Occupational Health Manager led the planning and execution of this year’s safety stand down.

Pietras explained, “Working with Ms. Halsey, we designed an all-day Safety Stand-Down event for the staff of Lyster Army Health Clinic and Brown Dental Clinic. Training emphasis was placed on topics with identified weaknesses through internal statistical analysis, prior Mock Survey and The Joint Commission survey results. Throughout the day, each identified group rotated through stations focused on patient and occupational safety topics. Collectively we had an 81% organizational participation rate with 95%
satisfaction. The success of this event was the employee "buy in" and commitment to our organizational safety culture.”

Over 20 instructors participated by providing targeted patient and occupation safety events in small group settings, staff rotated round robin style through the various learning stations. One of the training favorites was the “Room of Hazards” providing targeted training for clinical operations identifying potential hazards one might find during a patient encounter.

The Fort Novosel Army Substance Abuse Program also participated and shared resources on substance abuse prevention. Staff also had the opportunity to try on “drunk googles” while driving a pedal car. The googles simulate being impaired, the training aid helps the ASAP coordinator emphasize the importance of understanding the effects of alcohol and drugs on one’s system.

Pamela Halsey, Chief, Quality Management, “LAHC Leadership is committed to patient safety by preventing and reducing risks, errors, and harm to patients that occurs during the provision of health care.” Patient safety is always at the forefront of staff engagement with patients. Halsey continued, “Our Goal is Zero preventable patient harm while providing high quality patient care.”

The safety stand-down day provided a well-rounded training event highlighting safety awareness while fostering a continuous discussion of safety among Lyster Army Health Clinic and Brown Dental Clinic staff members.

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